About Us

  • About Us

    PMP Realty LLC is a full service Real Estate Sales and Property Management Company. Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday and Saturday by appointment. We have a staff of seven including 4 Real Estate Brokers. We also have 3 staff members fluent in Spanish.

    Here is a brief description of the duties and you can contact the following personnel:

    Receptionist / Secretary: Monika Rodriguez 303-772-5812 Ext 100, monika@pmprealty.com Monika is our receptionist and does a number of items, to name only a few: the availability list, answers phones and support person for the whole office. She is a multi task individual and always has a positive attitude doing all of her duties. She keeps the office on schedule and always seems to do so with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

    Maintenance: Rich Epperson 303-772-5812 Ext 110, rich@pmprealty.com Rich handles all maintenance calls, turnover repairs, approval of invoices and issues work for the vendors. If you need maintenance after hours and it is an emergency you call the 303-772-5812 number and follow the prompts. Rich has a very stressful job keeping up with the maintenance issues but he handles everything from landscaping to plumbing and always wants to help get everything resolved.

    Accounting: MaKayla Hamm 303-772-5812 Ext 104, makayla@pmprealty.com MaKayla enters all rents, takes care of payment arrangements, three-day postings and monthly reports and proceeds to owners. She is always busy discussing reports with owners and working with tenants to meet their payment arrangements. She does all of this like clockwork and never seems to miss a beat.

    Manager: Chad Epperson 303-772-5812 Ext 109, chad@pmprealty.com Chad's responsibilities include new clients, property owners, legal issues and overseeing company operations.

    Assist. Manager: Sara Bullard 303-772-5812 Ext 108, sara@pmprealty.com Sara oversees daily operations and helps wherever necessary to keep the office functioning at the highest level.

    Leasing: Liz Jackson 303-772-5812 Ext 103 liz@pmprealty.com Liz set ups appointments and shows properties to prospective tenants. She processes applications when they come in and gets everything prepared for a lease signing. But please remember after a lease is signed don't call them but the approriate person to respond to your request.

    Real Estate Brokers: Karen Epperson karen@pmprealty.com and Gary Epperson gary@pmprealty.com are here to help with your Real Estate needs. Please give us a call at 303-772-5812.

    This is our team at PMP Realty, LLC.

    This is only a small part of the duties each individual is assigned but the team that makes PMP what it is today are the above individuals. Everyone works together to succeed and everyone pitches in to help. This is why PMP is one of the leaders in our industry.

  • Our Realtors

    Property Management Plus Realty, LLC is redefining the way real estate transactions are consummated. It is crucial that your realtor is seasoned and committed to you and your needs. We also have a large pool of willing, potential investors, which includes other property owners and our tenants. This will be a great help if you decide to sell your property.

    Property Management Plus Realty, LLC has four (4) licensed real estate brokers who can show properties, sign leases, do lease option contracts, list and sell your property. We are an active member of our local Longmont Association of Realtors, MLS Front Range Service and we specialize in residential, income and commercial properties. We have the ability to network our properties and showcase what we have to other potential investors and/or other buyers we are working with.

    Property Management Plus Realty, LLC adheres to a very strict Code of Ethics and we are familiar with current real estate values and rental markets.

    Property Management Plus Realty, LLC is working 100% to obtain our new customers and then giving 110% once we have established and developed a high trust quality relationship. Our services were designed to fit any and all lifestyles. We are looking for lifelong relationships.

    Please contact karen@pmprealty.com for more information.

Our Location

421 21st Avenue Suite 14
Longmont, CO 80501
Office: 303-772-5812
Leasing: 303-776-7368
Sales: 303-776-0066
FAX 303-772-4005